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Crafted for Those Who Appreciate a Healthy Boost

Experience the Ultimate
All Natural
Energy Indulgence
of Longbrew Nitro Coffee


What is nitro coffee?

Nitro coffee is cold brew coffee infused with inert nitrogen creating a smooth rich creamy texture, similar to the head on a beer...just without the calories, dairy, or sugar!


Nitrogen infused coffee is extremely smooth and low in acidity (perfect for sensitive tummies) with a uniquely silky mouthfeel.


It’s fast becoming one of the top luxury coffee beverages of choice in the specialty coffee world, and disrupting the functional beverage and energy beverage industry as a healthier natural alternative to energy beverages.

Benefits of nitro cold brew coffee


Healthier Natural Alternative to Energy Drinks


100% Vegan


Gluten Free

Cold brew vs Nitro Cold brewCoffee


Dairy & Lactose Free


Naturally Sweet & Nothing Artificial


Only 98 Calories

Flavour Profile:
Notes of Vanilla and Dark Chocolate for an absolutely indulgent flavour.


“My go to afternoon clean energy fix, a great natural pick me up”
5-star-rating-longbrew nitro.webp


“Better than a sugary energy drink and it tastes fantastic!”
5-star-rating-longbrew nitro.webp


“A beautifully crafted nitro coffee and I love the rocket dog Dachshund”
5-star-rating-longbrew nitro.webp
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cold brew coffee cans

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