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Nitro Coffee Keg Swaps

Make a nice 80% profit margin on Longbrew Nitro Coffee with our keg swap package!

2 full kegs of pre-infused nitrogen charged premium cold brew coffee
(8 litre kegs).

16 litres makes approx 52 serves (12oz)
The average retail per serve is $5

That's $260 per 16 litres!

You pay a fee on the first 2 kegs to get set up which come full of Longbrew Nitro, then only pay for the Longbrew Nitro thereafter. 


Get a custom solution to suit your venue

Every bar, cafe, restaurant or event along with your customers is unique, we come to you and suggest the best option that reflects your style and space to serve Longbrew nitro coffee either on tap, in our 250ml cans or even both!

Along with our cold brew nitro coffee, we provide kegerators, bar top machines, mini fridges stocked with canned nitro coffee, or a custome in-line set up to incorporate into your existing bar set up. 

We also provide maintenance of equipment and restocking of kegs and cans.

We deliver Mon-Sat
from 7am to 6pm

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