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Our debut limited release of the Longbrew Latte in cans is almost here!

Carly - Longbrew Crew

2 July 2023

Join the waitlist so you don't miss out on this limited release

We are on the homerun for our first batch of Longbrew in cans!

Almost 2 years of preparation, testing, formulation, more testing and a lot of patience, we are proud to announce that Longbrew Nitro has developed something truly unique in the coffee space as well as the natural energy drink and functional beverage sector.

We are almost ready to hit the canning line and go into production of this marvellous

beverage we call "Longbrew Latte" which will be released in 4 packs of 250ml slim line cans. The new Longbrew Latte has hints of chocolate and caramel with a fruity fragrance, you won't find a more luxurious tasting nitro cold brew coffee anywhere else! Let alone one with no nasty additives, no dairy, no added sugar, vegan friendly, low acidity for sensitive stomachs and 100% ethically sourced Arabic beans.

Jump on the waitlist below before we sell out of the first batch!

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